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Cutting Boards

Canuck Cutting Boards are handcrafted with over 35 years of wood working experience in

Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada.  


These edge grain butcher block style cutting boards are not only extremely durable they are also reversible, easy to clean and a beautiful addition or centre piece in any kitchen.


Whether you're a master chef or a home cook, no kitchen is complete without a Canuck Cutting Board.

Handmade in Canada

Canuck Cutting Boards are built to last.

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Serving Boards

Handmade in Canada

Canuck Serving Boards are built to last.

Engraved Boards

Handmade in Canada

Canuck Engraved Boards are built to last.

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One thing that sets us apart at Canuck Cutting Boards is our ability to add professional laser engraving to our products.


We have many different designs to choose from and are constantly adding more.  Keep in mind, these boards are reversible with the engraving only done on one side.  


Looking to personalize a board for a wedding, retirement or anniversary gift?  Check out our original company:


Outside the Box - Custom Laser Engraving

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Are you tired of receiving the same pens, bags and water bottles from companies every year?  Your clients and employees are too!


Canuck Corporate Gifts will show your clients, partners and employees how important they are to you and give them a gift they will be proud to show off.


All of our products can be professionally laser engraved with your company logo, graphic or text and make the perfect Christmas, anniversary or retirement gifts.  

Our line of multi-use, reversible serving boards come in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you're chopping, slicing or serving Canuck Serving Boards can handle all of your kitchen tasks.  


All of our boards are available in Hard Maple, Cherry or Walnut and are made using sustainable hardwood that we source from our Canadian supplier.




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Handmade in Canada

Canuck Corporate Gifts are built to impress.

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